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Are Kurds Refugees?

  This article is not related to my usual dental practice. Recently, Kurds have been causing problems in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The Japanese mass media has not reported on this at all, but Japanese people who lived in Kawaguchi City have reported the situation vividly on Twitter. There is a growing sense of anxiety among the residents.  These Kurds have applied for refugee status in Japan, claiming that they are Turks, but they are persecuted in Turkey, so they have come to Japan as refugees and are asking for help. However, we know that they entered Japan as Turkish tourists and applied for refugee status as Kurds as soon as their tourist visas expired. By the way, about 600$ per month is provided from taxpayers' money as protection money. Generally, Japanese people do not discriminate against foreigners, but we do not like criminals who disrupt social security. The Japanese are equally averse to criminals, whether they are fellow countrymen or foreigners. I wo
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Advice for Foreigners Considering Moving to Japan

Summary of this article Japan is considered to be an attractive destination for immigration. You only need to be a person who does not commit crimes. Some foreigners have moved to Japan today for a variety of reasons. The country of Japan is an island nation in the Far East.  You may think that Japanese people have an exclusive attitude toward foreigners. However, this is not true. Especially in populated urban areas.  Since many foreigners already live in these areas, the Japanese are accustomed to their presence. If you were to live in Japan today, what you would immediately understand would be how good the food is and how inexpensive it is. Except for some special traditional Japanese dishes, you can enjoy foods from all over the world in Japan at relatively low prices. A trip to the supermarket will provide you with a wide variety of ingredients. Even when eating out, the number and variety of restaurants are extremely abundant. In urban areas, there are so many restaurants and eat

Let's Consider Root Canal Irrigation

In my opinion, an extremely important step in root canal treatment is root canal irrigation. Cleaning the inside of the root canal is a more difficult procedure than the dentist may think and, in practice, often results in inadequate cleaning. Root canal irrigation is not as simple as simply placing fluid into the root canal. As the name "irrigation" implies, it is the act of physically and chemically removing the dirt inside the root canal using a cleaning solution - some kind of liquid. The root apex is the most important area of the root canal where cleaning is required.  In root canal treatment, aseptic preparation of the root canal by the dentist can prevent apical periodontitis. Once the root canal has been ideally enlarged with a NiTi file, it must then be thoroughly cleaned; if there is debris, it should be physically flushed out, and if there is inorganic or organic residue, it must be chemically cleaned. In addition, the root canal must be perforated and patency mus

The Sealer-Puff After the Root Canal Obturation, the Relationship Between Root Canal Irrigation

  The sealer-puff is a characteristic appearance of sealer overflow outside the apical foramen on the confirmatory dental photograph after root canal filling.  This is caused by a small amount of sealer overflowing outside the apical foramen when the dentists pressurize the area around the apical constriction to achieve a tight root canal filling. It is also caused by sealer penetrating the lateral branches of the apical-delta due to pressure at the apex. The sealer puff is, after all, an overflow of foreign material into the periapical tissue of the root apex. Of course, dentists must always try to prevent foreign material to overflow from the root apex into the apical periapical tissue. However, if we take into account the cause of sealer puffs, we can evaluate them from a different perspective. Sealer puffs are... The area around the root apex is properly cleaned and free of debris, ensuring the patency of the root canal. And Be caused by the application of a good flow of sealer to

How to Connect NITI Files to EMR for Real-Time Monitoring.

In root canal treatment, the concept of working length is of great importance. The length from the apex to the reference point is defined by the dentist, and he or she proceeds with the file manipulation at that length. …working length, reference point, rubber-stopper, I hate those!  This is because it is likely to be an inaccurate operation.  I believe that the hidden reason why not a few dentists dislike root canal treatment is because of these "troublesome analog rules" on endodontics.  In particular, I did not feel confident in manipulating the NiTi file as per the working length, relying on the rubber-stopper, and I felt very uncomfortable. I have always been frustrated that I wish I could manipulate the NiTi file while measuring its length in real-time with the EMR, just like the hand SS files. To link the NiTi file to the EMR, the shortcut to a solution is to have the EMR clip grasped by the NiTi file. However, this would make the NiTi file extremely difficult to handl

The Agitation for Root Canal Irrigation

 An important aspect of root canal cleaning is just disinfection, especially at the root apex. This consists of removal of the smear layer of the dentinal wall and disinfection with sodium hypochlorite solution in the apical delta. Normally, dentists perform positive pressure irrigation using a syringe for root canal irrigation. They use saline solution, hydrogen peroxide solution, EDTA, or sodium hypochlorite solution as the cleaning solution. If the needle is thin enough to rinse deep into the root canal, dentists will usually feel that can clean the root canal. However, the reality is that the cleaning is not satisfactory. This is because only positive pressure irrigation makes it difficult to exert the chemical action of the irrigants. In particular, a narrow path such as the apical delta is difficult for the cleaning solution to reach. Therefore, it will be necessary to use some other method in addition to positive pressure washing. The agitation of root canal irrigation is. The m


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