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How to Connect NITI Files to EMR for Real-Time Monitoring.

In root canal treatment, the concept of working length is of great importance. The length from the apex to the reference point is defined by the dentist, and he or she proceeds with the file manipulation at that length. …working length, reference point, rubber-stopper, I hate those!  This is because it is likely to be an inaccurate operation.  I believe that the hidden reason why not a few dentists dislike root canal treatment is because of these "troublesome analog rules" on endodontics.  In particular, I did not feel confident in manipulating the NiTi file as per the working length, relying on the rubber-stopper, and I felt very uncomfortable. I have always been frustrated that I wish I could manipulate the NiTi file while measuring its length in real-time with the EMR, just like the hand SS files. To link the NiTi file to the EMR, the shortcut to a solution is to have the EMR clip grasped by the NiTi file. However, this would make the NiTi file extremely difficult to handl
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The Agitation for Root Canal Irrigation

 An important aspect of root canal cleaning is just disinfection, especially at the root apex. This consists of removal of the smear layer of the dentinal wall and disinfection with sodium hypochlorite solution in the apical delta. Normally, dentists perform positive pressure irrigation using a syringe for root canal irrigation. They use saline solution, hydrogen peroxide solution, EDTA, or sodium hypochlorite solution as the cleaning solution. If the needle is thin enough to rinse deep into the root canal, dentists will usually feel that can clean the root canal. However, the reality is that the cleaning is not satisfactory. This is because only positive pressure irrigation makes it difficult to exert the chemical action of the irrigants. In particular, a narrow path such as the apical delta is difficult for the cleaning solution to reach. Therefore, it will be necessary to use some other method in addition to positive pressure washing. The agitation of root canal irrigation is. The m


 The thinking of the negative, that is not good for a good life. But, probably, at least I or you think following. It’s not that the past was good. Only in the past was there anything good. We have to grab the bright future. This is something that each of us living in the world can achieve if we work a little harder. The effort required to do so can be as little as 30 minutes of reading instead of 30 minutes of watching a smartphone or TV.

E-CONNECT S the Endodontic Motor Made by Eighteeth Very Superior One, My Review

 Summary •This is the first endomotor you should buy! •Easy to use, no stress in handling. •Robust and trouble-free! The E-CONNECT S is one of the endomotor that I have been using for several years. It is cordless, easy to handle, and highly versatile to use with any NiTi file. Surprisingly, it has been about five years since this product was introduced to the market, and I have yet to find an end motor with better performance than the E-CONNECT S. In the future, possible improvements in end-motor functions will mainly be in the pursuit of better external design and smaller and lighter weight. This is because the functions that an endomotor should have when using NiTi files are almost complete. The ability to switch between rotary and reciprocating motion, and the ability to finely program the rotation speed and torque settings would allow most of the world's NiTi files to be used. All that was needed was a good, sturdy, and reasonably priced endomotor. You do not have to need to r

Rice Paddy, Are the Dams in the Plain

Modern rivers have become large drainage channels. The rain that falls on our living area is pushed away from the drains into the rivers as an obstruction. This is because there is no more space for the rain to soak into the soil in our living areas. The result of forgetting to return the rain to the ground is the excessive amount of water flowing into the rivers, and when the limit is exceeded, the rivers overflow and flood the city.  This is not good, so we have raised the sides of the river and armed them with concrete to prevent the water from overflowing. It can be said, a forceful flood control. Hence, when the overflowing; limit is exceeded, we have to accept the enormous flood damage. River overflows are caused by narrow, shallow, or slow-flowing rivers. But what I think is important is the amount of water flowing into the river per unit of time, because if it is too large, the river cannot handle the amount of water flowing into it, and it will easily overflow. The key to floo

Extremely Effective Safe Relax Remover for Removal of Crowns and Metal Cores

When performing root canal retreatment, the dentist is faced with the task of removing the crown or core, which is an artificial object that blocks the above of the root canal. If the dentist fails to remove the crown or metalcore, especially if it is a metal restoration, it will be difficult to perform the re-root canal treatment, and happen the tooth fracture and have to be extracted. For dentists, this is a very stressful job with a lot of responsibility. Few doctors like removal. In other countries, I have heard that root canal retreatment is not favored due to its low clinical success rate, but in Japan, root canal retreatment is not uncommon. I think it is a national trait, but there are a lot of patients who want to preserve their teeth, and dentists also prefer preservative treatment. There is also the economic reason that the cost of root canal treatment is extremely low.  In any case, for Japanese dentists, root canal retreatment is not an uncommon task in their daily clinica

The Climate Problem of Global Warming. For the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

In an effort to solve the problem of global warming, industrial attempts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, a typical greenhouse gas, and to achieve carbon neutrality are beginning to be made among nations. I think it is rash to simply assume that the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the biggest cause of global warming, but since carbon dioxide in the atmosphere certainly has a greenhouse effect, I think it is very important to try to reduce it. In addition to reducing man-made carbon dioxide emissions, something else we need to consider is reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide. There are many possible methods to do this, but I have suggested two. One is the use of green carbon and the other is the use of blue carbon. Green carbon is the carbon that plants on land fix by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. And blue carbon is the enormous amount of carbon dioxide taken up from the atmosphere by marine organisms. Simply